Places and facilities



Lectures will be held in the educational center of the European Institute of Oncology (IEO)
Via Ripamonti 435, I-20132 Milano

Laboratory activities will be held in the research and clinical laboratories of institutions represented in the Department of Oncology and Hemato-oncology of the University of Milan

Computer Labs and Classrooms

The University offers students, research fellows, postgraduates and university personnel computer labs and computerized classrooms by reservation, which are available for autonomous use of the resources and for completion of the required online registration

The Faculty of Medicine does not have a central library but many local libraries, particularly in hospitals.
In order to create a network, in 2003 we launched the SBiM website, the Medical Library System containing all the information required to enhance our library services.
The four main SBiM libraries are:

  • the Alberto Malliani Library at the Sacco Hospital
  • the Biomedical Library in the Città Studi area
  • the Policlinico Hospital Library
  • the San Paolo Library

In addition to these independent libraries, there are departmental libraries focusing on specific fields